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My name is Ida, on the web mostly known as ladyvisionary. Fanfiction for me is a way to escape real life, and lose myself in a world filled with wonder and endless possibilities. A lot of time, thought and effort have gone into making this site and its contents, so don't steal, copy, or spread anything from here without my permission. Feel free to leave a message on my tag-board, or e-mail me: Stuff like that always makes me happy!

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23-24 JUNE 2012
Two new fanfiction book-covers, this time for A Second Chance and Buffy, the Witchy Vampire Slayer. Also, the links/resources have been updated to include all the sources to my art on this site!

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18 JUNE 2012
Hi everybody! Because of's new image feature, I have created fanfiction-book-covers for all my one-shots and the Out of the Blue series. The Return of the Saviour and Roads Travelled also have book covers, but they're all based on wallpapers from the story/series so they are not new compositions.

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29 MAY 2012
To my OOTB readers who are patiently waiting for the next chapter of Way of the Warriors: as you probably know, it is supposed to be followed by one final part 6, before the OOTB series is done. However, for various reasons, I've decided not to do another story and instead combine Way of the Warriors with my plans and timeline for part 6. Mostly, this is because of how slow my updates are lately: doing yet another story in the series after the slowpoke WotW has turned out to be doesn't seem feasible or fair to those who I know are certainly eager to see the series finished and concluded! :D Obiously, this also means the story will be longer: right now, I'm looking at maybe forty or forty-five chapters in total.

So WotW will be the final part of the series, and it will also be renamed to Into the Blue which is the title I planned to name part 6. Way of the Warriors will instead be the undertitle to all the chapters posted thus far, as well as a couple of chapters after that. In essence, you could call that 'book 1'. 'Book 2,' which will be the second half of Into the Blue, will then have another undertitle, called When Lightning Follows Thunder. (In reality, thunder follows lightning, when it comes to what the human eye/ear percieves: in reality, both occur at the same time. The title is meant to be ironic as well as symbolic, hinting towards a 'once in a lifetime' event where the rules of nature/fate are for once twisted).

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20 APRIL 2012
I've finally gotten around to update this again! In my Roads Travelled series, 14 chapters have been posted of Road of Sacrifice (part 3). Also, I have added two new plot-bunnies as well, one for the Hunger Games, and one for Thor (movie-verse). It seems the old tag-board is no longer working, so instead, I've added the tag-board I use on my Roads Travelled site. I am now also a member of Archive of Our Own, where, except for fanfiction, I will also be posting my music videos.

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22 JULY 2011
It's been awhile since I updated this site, and a lot has happened since last time. Unfortunately, I didn't win in any of the cathegories at Twisting the Hellmouth's 2010 Crossing Over Awards but thank you everyone who voted and believed in me! In my Roads Travelled series, the last chapter of Road of Carnage (part 2) has been posted, as well as the first two chapters of Road of Sacrifice (part 3). As a sign of the new 'season,' there is a new banner featuring the ROS-cast! I have begun writing a new multi-chaptered Dark Angel/Bufy the Vampire Slayer story called Backlash, but nothing of it has been posted yet. Also, I have added two new plot-bunnies as well, one for Star Wars, and one for Fushigi Yugi. So much I want to write - so little time... *sniffs*

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11 AUGUST 2010
The title for this update says it best, really - thank you for loving me! Road of Innocence has been nominated in three cathegories for Twisting the Hellmouth's 2010 Crossing Over Awards: For best HP crossover, best portrayal of Buffy, best pairing (Buffy Summers/Remus Lupin) and best original character (Samantha Lowell). I am so honoured. If you'd like to vote for me, I'd be really grateful, but just the nominations are more than I expected - so to whoever nominated me, thank you, espescially! View the nomation awards here.

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